Manhattan Area Parks
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Manhattan Area Parks, Lakes & Public Facilities

  Manhattan, Kansas is an ideal locale for people that enjoy recreational activities of all types.  Indeed, in the Manhattan area alone, there are over fourteen parks.  Moreover, there are many magnificent recreational areas around Manhattan, Kansas, including Tuttle Creek and Milford Lake.  Truly, the recreational opportunities in and around Manhattan are boundless.

 If you and your family enjoy having easy access to some of the most outstanding recreational venues in all of the State of Kansas, you will want to give very serious consideration to calling Manhattan, Kansas, home.

Kansas is known for being a place with wide open spaces.  The Manhattan, Kansas area parks, lakes and related public facilities and venues live up to that Sunflower State reputation.




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Tuttle Creek State Park and Lake

 Located very near Manhattan, Kansas, Tuttle Creek offers visitors an extraordinary range of outdoor activities and recreational pursuits.  Tuttle Creek is the second largest reservoir in the State of Kansas.  Tuttle Creek Lake has over 12,500 acres of water.  There are nearly 100 miles of wooded shoreline surrounding the lake which is perfect for hiking and camping.

 The lake has a swimming beach and a good number of boat ramps to provide for all types of water sports and related activities.  Fishing for channel catfish and flatheads is a very popular pursuit.  There are many campsites all around the Tuttle Creek area.

 As mentioned, hiking and camping are both popular pursuits at Tuttle Creek State Park and Lake.  There are miles of trails available to the person who enjoys spending time taking in the beauty of a natural setting.  In addition, the park has a number of safe and up to date campsites that are perfect for a family on a special outing.
Milford State Park & Lake

  Milford is the largest lake in the State of Kansas.  The lake has over 16,000 acres of water.  The facilities at Lake Milford include modern and up to date campgrounds, swimming beaches, boat ramps, a full service marina and even a large yacht club.

 Surrounding the lake are great trails and plenty of room to roam and explore.  Milford is the most frequently visited outdoor recreational area in all of the Sunflower State.  This includes visitors from both Kansas and from around the country (and the world) who travel to Milford to partake in its fantastic recreational offerings.

 Fishing is hugely popular at Milford Lake.  In addition, at the Milford State Park there is a 18,000 acre wildlife area at which different types of game hunting is permitted at various times of the year.  For any outdoor enthusiast, Milford State Park and Lake is a pleasant, short drive from Manhattan, Kansas.  Finally, there is a unique wildlife preserve located at the Milford State Park as well which is the pride of conservationist and everyone who appreciates majestic wildlife.
Anneberg Park & Recreation Area

 Anneberg Park is part of the Manhattan, Kansas, Quality of Life Initiative.  The park allows residents of Manhattan the chance to participate in a wide range of activities including softball, soccer and flag football.  In addition, there is a lake at the park that specifically has been designated for youth fishing. Anneberg Park has become a focal point for many family activities in Manhattan.

 Anneberg Park was designed as an example of an ideal park setting.  Indeed, it has become a model for other similar types of parks that were since constructed in other cities and towns across the United States.

Linear Trail

 Linear Trail is a ten mile walking, jogging, biking trail that snakes its way through Manhattan, Kansas. There are many entry points into the trail throughout the city.  The Linear Trail has become very popular with people who like to exercise and with people who like peaceful strolls on pleasant Kansas days.

 The Linear Trail has a terrific added attraction for children.  Included along the trail is a map of the solar system.  Children get the chance to “travel the solar system” while strolling along the Linear Trail.

 A person who likes taking in birds and wildlife will also like the Linear Trail.  The Linear Trail is home to many different types of birds and small animals, including chipmunks.  Families can spend a great day together exploring everything that the Linear Trail has to offer.  And, again, the Linear Trail can be accessed from many different spots throughout the city of Manhattan.

City Park & Public Pool

 The City Park and its public pool have been very popular with Manhattan families for years.  Idyllic afternoons at the pool, weekend picnics in the park are only a couple of the activities that regularly are enjoyed by people at the City Park.

 City Park has been dubbed for many years “the park for the people.”  City Park is located directly across from City Hall in the heart of Manhattan, Kansas.  The park is the site of the nationally acclaimed annual Arts in the Park program.  Arts in the Park is an outdoor entertainment effort that provides live entertainment throughout the summer months.

Northview Park & Public Pool

 Another public park with a pool in Manhattan, Kansas.  An ideal location for families to spend quality time together, for families to get away from the stress of everyday living.  Although the park is rather small, it offers a large public swimming pool that is a very popular attraction.  In addition, for the health and fitness conscious, there is also a training pool located at the park.  The park also has a shelter house and a grill for picnics and special gathers.  Something of a neighborhood park, Northview is the scene of lively sporting events in the Spring, Summer and Fall months.

CiCo Park Fairgrounds & Public Pool

 The CiCo (City – County) Park Fairgrounds and public pool is a popular destination for Manhattan families.  The site of the fantastic Riley County Fair, people from all over Northeast Kansas venture to CiCo park for the annual fair festivities.

 Pottorf Hall at the park is a multi-use building at which programs, activities and events are held the year around.  The local school district has established a stadium at the park that is utilized for school related sporting events.  CiCo Park is the focal point for many different activities and programs that bring the Manhattan and Riley County communities together throughout the course of any given year.
Manhattan Public Library

 The Manhattan Public Library houses an extensive collection of books on all imaginable subjects.  In addition to being a comprehensive library, the Manhattan Public Library offers seminars of different types and other educational opportunities for people from all walks of life.  In addition, the library provides space for organizational meetings and community forums.

 The Manhattan Public Library provides a wide array of different reading programs for adults and children alike.  The library recently added wireless Internet to make the facility more accessible and user friendly to patrons of all ages.

 The library also maintains a well trained and experienced research staff that has proven invaluable to people who have a need to access the various resources that the library has to offer.

 In recent years, the Manhattan Public Library has been branching out in the types of activities and programming that it offers to the residents of Riley County.  For example, the Manhattan Public Library has started screening a number of different types of films.  For example, the library sponsors an International Film Series for adults and a special movie program for children.
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